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Sneak Peek!

Sneak Peek!!
 The Obscured e-book now contains a sneak peak first chapter of Divulge!! Divulge will release on August first but is currently available for Pre-order!!! Order yours today! 


The time is here to reveal the cover of Divulge. I'm really excited to show everyone as this project has been in my head for the past year and to now have it done makes me so happy! 
So, how did it all come about?? Well, if you have read Obscured, you know about Abby's dreams, they are intense and also very vague. I wanted to showcase her dreams on the covers of this series since they are such a huge part of the books. So in Obscured...of course it was only fitting for it to have been in the desert as that dream was right at sunset. I feel like Abby being slightly Obscured is very fitting for that book as well.
Well Obscured no more! For Divulge that dream is still a mystery to you, but I feel like this cover gives you a pretty good idea of what expect from Divulge! So without further ado,