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An update

My writing class so far has been enlightening. My instructer has been assigning essays to read on the specific topic of writing, and seeing different writing styles has made me question how many different ways people write. After all there must be hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of different ways that people find their stories.

Even though I have completed my first novel, I have never had much experience in writing anything else since I was younger. So the idea of writing two short stories that are no longer than 12 pages was something of a challenge for me. Novels are definitely more my game. I get so invested in my characters and stories that I want to continue, not end, especially when I'm reading.

With that said, I think I have almost completed my first short story. Maybe it was just putting way more thought into something that didn't need it, but I found it somewhat difficult to find a story that I could and wanted end quickly. When it's finished, I am consideri…