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Your sitting there staring at that blank page waiting for an amazing idea or story to magically appear in your mind and suddenly it comes. Your fingers race across the keyboard trying to get all of it out in time before its suddenly disappears from your mind again just as quickly as is came from the start.

Before you know it you have created an entire page of words that flow together beautifully. Well, at least until you go back an edit them and some how they have lost their flair, their pizzazz if you will.

Then once it's all out, it's back to the drawing board again....That's how it's supposed to work right? But what happens if you sit in front of that screen and nothing comes. An hour. Two hours. Next thing you know you are watching the minutes tick by. What have you achieved? Well, your desk if perfectly organized again, but you aren't any closer to finishing that page.

For me, staring at that blank screen just doesn't do it for me. Honestly, it's like so…

Are you ready?!?

It's out!!! Obscured is now available in print and e-book on amazon!



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