Fessing up

I knew at some point the cat would be out of the bag so to speak. For years I wondered what they would say. Would they be happy? Mad that I didn't tell them sooner? Excited for me as hoped they would be? Would they be supportive?

What secret am I confessing? I bet your wondering. The answer is...My first Novel.

I got to finally experience the first reaction on Sunday. Who was my unsuspecting victim? My Dad.

It's funny, a couple months ago, my mom came to me saying my dad had stumbled upon my blog, this blog. He was baffled by it. I waited and waited for him to ask me about it. But he never did. I couldn't tell you why.

The minute I got my proof I couldn't wait to show my mom and to tell my dad. Once he got over the initial WHAT? reaction, I could tell her was excited and proud. So much so that he hid my proof from me cause he wanted to keep it. I have to say it was a great compliment that he was so enticed by having a copy of something I poured so much into that he literally hid it from me.

I am excited to reveal this little gem to a few more unsuspecting people and hopefully in a few weeks it will be on the market!

Be on the lookout for my next post. It may just be my release!!


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