TEN things about yourself.

NINE books you want to read.
EIGHT places you want to visit.
SEVEN favorite posts from my blog.
SIX ways to win my heart.
FIVE turn offs. 
FOUR guilty pleasures.
THREE things you want to say to three. 
TWO recent pictures.
ONE confession. 

Today is eight places I want to visit. So here they are. 

1. Disneyland! I am a huge kid at heart and if I could would have annual passes forever! 

2. Hawaii. Of course this would be here, I think everyone wants to visit the gorgeous land of beaches, waterfalls, and volcanoes.

3. Alaska. I would love to go on an Alaskan cruise and be able to see all the beautiful ice bergs! 

4. Paris. This again is pretty cliche. 

5.  St. Lucia. It looks amazingly beautiful there. 

6. Australia. I think it would be pretty amazing to visit where the kangaroos roam. Call me a kid. 

7. Disneyworld. While I already listed Disneyland I also would like to visit Disneyworld again. They are the same in some ways but completely different as well. 

8. New York at Christmas. I may be a bit of a romantic when it comes to Christmas. The idea of being in New York at Christmas time has always been a dream of mine!

Well, there's my 8 places I'd like to go, I'm sure that there are plenty of others being that I love to travel. What are your favorite places to travel? 


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