Weekend is OVER!

Alas, the weekend is over yet again :( 

Parades, Thanksgiving, pictures and Mocking Jay!! 

Another fun filled, action packed weekend behind me. Mocking Jay was awesome! I am so bummed that we have to wait for the second part! I wish I had read the book again right before so I would have had it fresh in my mind, but maybe that was a good thing. Some of the details I couldn't remember, but there were a few I obviously remembered distinctly. It did not disappoint! Have you seen it yet? What did you think? 

We celebrated an early Thanksgiving with my in-laws which was great. Even though I don't eat meat (yep another tidbit about me in there that you didn't know!) I love all the foods that go with the turkey! Of course even though we already ate a thanksgiving dinner that doesn't mean we wont be having one on Thursday too! I'll be cooking that one! How do you celebrate? Do you get to relax or do you have to cook? 

Finally, today we took our family pictures! What does that mean? A new picture of me! 

Well, here's to a short week!! 


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