Book Review- Winter Interlude by Sandy Loyd

Book Review- Winter Interlude by Sandy Loyd

Winter Interlude (California Series, #1)

Going into this read I expected it to be a book based around Christmas, I don't know if it was the cover or the name, but that is not the case. Though I didn't mind. 

The wording is a bit drawn out in the beginning and certain things could be cut to make it flow better and be more engaging. However, it did become a page turner it just took a little longer to set up. I did enjoy reading the book and I would recommend checking it out. 

Now if you haven't read it stop reading now!! Spoilers below!!


In the third chapter when the two who were always at odds, suddenly he sees her without even exchanging words, he's now looking at her differently and finding her enticing. I find that a bit unbelievable. Maybe that could have come in later when the tension rise in the car during their drive to the cabin, it would have been a bit more believable then. There were a few other times where I found things a bit unrealistic, but it didn't take away from the story. 

I enjoyed reading it and am looking forward too reading Promises, Promises Book #2 in the series!

I gave this read 4 out of 5 stars!
Check it out!


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