Elfy Nick

All across the internet and facebook are pictures showing ideas to parents for their Elves on the Shelf. Do you have an elf visit you for the season?? We do. Elfy Nick has visited our house since 2011! I love the tradition, I really do. 

Here is where children should stop reading! :) 

Despite my love for it,  the failure of my memory sometimes to actually help Elfy Nick to a new place each night sometimes is my kryptonite.  Using my imagination once morning comes to make up reasons why Nick may not have moved...So far this year..."He must have really liked his view there huh?" ..."Oh, it was raining, I bet he couldn't leave!" 

I'll admit even my creativity in my lies is not the best. But give me some slack, it usually is very early in the morning! haha! 

So to get on to my point of this whole post! The PICTURES! Pictures of Elf getting into things, drawing on pictures, making messes, and ultimately being NAUGHTY! And yet the whole point of Elf is that he reports to Santa when you have been good and bad? Why is it a good idea to make your elf naughty? What kind of example is that elf setting? We should draw on pictures! We should spill flour! We should poop on cookies! (okay maybe not that last one). But Really? 

Honestly, that is as bad as a toy that poops toys!! I am so not going to go into that one right now! 

Anyway, So how about making Elf do good things? He cleaned the bathroom GREAT! He pick up the toys you have forgotten?? Even BETTER! 

Something to think about! 

How festive is this Red? So fun! 

Okay, I'm done :) 


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