Inspiration Tuesday!

Inspiration Tuesday!

Everyone can use a little inspiration! So today's comes from my Grandpa. My Grandpa, a veteran, a retired police officer from Chicago, an amazing man with an amazing voice. He has Alzheimer's. He hasn't been doing so well lately, but this is the man I will always remember. This video was taken on December 10th, a day he felt like singing. 

What's the inspiration in this video? All growing up whenever we were with my Grandpa, we always thought "Oh, he's singing again...ugh!" I truly want to slap that little me. Now, I wish I could hear him sing all the songs he always sung to us. The wake up songs that were always sung way to early in the morning, the song he sang to my daughter cause he name was in it, many Irish songs, and the list could go on. I am inspired by it to spend the holidays with my loved ones and hold them a little closer because you never know what is around the corner.  I will cherish the little corks that make me cringe knowing that when they are gone I will miss them. 

So watch this video and I hope you have a fantastic Christmas! 

I love you Grandpa!! 


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