Not your average New years post.

Now that all of the New years posts have settled down, I have decided to go ahead and post something special a little late.

I don't do resolutions. Why? I feel that they are a waste of time and energy. Vowing that suddenly just because it's a new year you are going to change all of these things about yourself that you don't like. Well, you are the way you are. Simple as that. I get those that want to lose weight and become healthier, but why do you have to wait until it's the new year? If you felt your body needed sprucing up why did it wait until now?

I am happy with myself. Why? Because I'm me. Do I need to exercise more? Yes. Do I need to eat less junk? Yes. But the fact that a number changed in the date doesn't make me think that need to change all that now. Someday.

Instead, I set goals for the year. Things I hope to achieve. So the two goals I choose to set for myself are:

1. Release Divulge (book two in the Obscured series). It's so close I can taste it!
2. Write more. Take more time away from it all for me to just write. I hope to be most of the way done with my next book by the end of 2015.


My way of saying Happy New Year is to put my book on SALE! Starting January 9th thru January 12th, OBSCURED will only be $1.99! Use this opportunity to pick up your copy today!! Looks like the print book is only 8.99 right now too! (not sure how long that will last!) Pick up your copy today!



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