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Obscured is making it's debut...

On Kobo!! Saturday, September 5th, Obscured will be available on Kobo! For the first four days you can snag it for only $0.99!! 
Never used Kobo before? Check it out!! It's pretty cool!


CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS!!Out of 168 entries in the Divulge release giveaway, the winners have been selected and notified!! Congratulations!!

Release day!!!

Today is the day!!
Just when Abby and Eli think that their problems with Pete are solved, he disappears and takes Ren with him. Ultimately, their only choice is to venture off to Colorado to find him and rescue Ren. There was only one thing standing in their way; Abby's mom. But surprisingly, she falls for Abby's excuse hook, line, and sinker. Then after numerous dead ends, Abby and Eli are finally on the right track. That is, until Abby's second nightmare comes true. Her fear and anxiety pulls Eli back to her once again, ruining their chances of catching Pete. How would they ever get Ren back now? 
Back at home, things are beginning to go back to normal again - or were they? Abby and Eli are even able to go on a proper date. But when someone comes up missing, Eli and Abby's relationship will test its limits. Will it survive? 
Through it all Abby is sick of being treated with kid gloves, it's time for a new persona. Abby dons her new outlook on life and never-fear att…