Early morning snack attack

I'm startled awake by a noise, I wait and listen in my sleepy stupor. Nothing. I roll over. Then I hear my youngest tossing around in his bed. I think okay I must have heard him, no big deal. I try to go back to sleep. 
Five minutes later I hear noises again, this time from the kitchen. I wait to see if they will stop. They don't. I get up and creep into the kitchen, my heart pounding thinking someone is in the house that shouldn't be, as anyone does when there are noises in the middle of the night. I turn the corner, and there I find a head inside my daughters birthday cake box. Thinking I'm looking at my oldest because, well he's taller than the counter. I say "We do not eat cake at 5 o'clock in the morning!" in a stern mom voice. My youngest jumps and bursts into tears. He was standing on a chair. Oops. I scared the living day lights out of him and not because he thought he was in trouble, but because he was in the dark in the middle of the night. 
Once I was able to calm him down, I asked him why were you getting cake in the middle of the night?  He says, "I was hung-we." I chuckled to myself, grabbing him a handful of blueberries and put him back to bed. 
When he woke up for the morning, he hadn't forgotten about that cake. My oldest came to me with a plate full of cake, my youngest trailing behind bawling. "He is trying to have cake for breakfast mom." 
This was the piece had cut for himself. 
Yes it's huge. One thing I love about my youngest is his determination. It will be a quality that will serve him well. 
He did get that piece of cake, by the way, after he had a good breakfast, and lunch, but only half of it (and he didn't even finish that). 
Hope you have a great Monday, and that you can get your cake and eat it too! 

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