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I'm miffed.

I don't often post about my kids. When I do its usually because I have good reason.

Over the weekend we held a birthday party for my daughter where they made bracelets, necklaces, and jewelry boxes. My boys were there too and didn't hesitate to jump right in and make some too. What I didn't realize at the time was that my oldest had made a necklace, bracelet, and jewelry box for a girl at school that he just so happens to have HAD a crush on. It was seriously the sweetest thing, the bracelet and necklace spelled her name in beads and the top of the jewelry box had her initials. It was thoughtful.

Now knowing the problems my son has had in school with being bullied this year alone, I had my reservations. I was worried he would get teased about giving this girl his sweet gift, but I've raised my kids to be who they are despite what others have to say about it. So I said nothing, knowing my son is strong, and he would ignore these things.

But when he came home and told me…

Why books are better than food...

I know after you read that title, you're shaking your head saying yeah right... crazy lady, food is life, trust me I'm with you,  
But it's true, books are better! 
Today during my writing session, I grabbed my snack, chocolate pudding (don't judge!). So here is my pudding, of course before you eat it you have to take a good whiff of that chocolate deliciousness. Then you take the first bite. And it's heavenly. Absolutely sinful. You savor that first bite as it hits all the taste buds throughout your mouth.
You take the second bite. And it's good, but let's face it, the second bite wasn't nearly as good as the first. As you keep eating each bite gets a little less mouthwateringly tasty until it's gone and you wonder why you even ate past the first few bites.
I think it's safe to say that most things are like this. Think about it, the first drink of soda, first bite of a chocolate bar...I am naming a lot of unhealthy things aren't I? 😅 (Shh.…

Happy New Year!