Why books are better than food...

I know after you read that title, you're shaking your head saying yeah right... crazy lady, food is life, trust me I'm with you,  

But it's true, books are better! 

Today during my writing session, I grabbed my snack, chocolate pudding (don't judge!). So here is my pudding, of course before you eat it you have to take a good whiff of that chocolate deliciousness. Then you take the first bite. And it's heavenly. Absolutely sinful. You savor that first bite as it hits all the taste buds throughout your mouth.

You take the second bite. And it's good, but let's face it, the second bite wasn't nearly as good as the first. As you keep eating each bite gets a little less mouthwateringly tasty until it's gone and you wonder why you even ate past the first few bites.

I think it's safe to say that most things are like this. Think about it, the first drink of soda, first bite of a chocolate bar...I am naming a lot of unhealthy things aren't I? 😅 (Shh... don't tell). I think this is because as you eat your taste buds because de-sensitized by the flavor, but obviously that's not the point. The point is once you get past those first few bites, it's just not as good. 

When you pick up a book it's usually the opposite. Often there is a bit of set up as you are getting to know the characters, and learn what is torturing them, so the story starts out a little slower, a little more like the end of the pudding. But then in the end you are hooked and wanting more, more like the beginning. It's a complete flip flop where you can't get enough of these characters. And each book after that is like a whole new whiff of that delectable pudding all over again. 

If food started the way books do and just kept getting better and better, we probably would never stop eating, like ever... Am I right? To that effect, this is why we stay up well past our bedtimes... reading. 
What book or books are your delectable treat? 


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