I sit here strumming my fingers on the keyboard, staring at the screen full of words. The editing process, it's tedious and time consuming. It can be frustrating, and enlightening all at the same time. I find it amazing that you can go through your work countless times and yet still find mistakes throughout. Each time you find a new or better way to say phrases throughout. And lets not count the details you decided were absolutely necessary that were not there before. These changes are not because the writing has changed, but because you as a writer have changed. Always evolving based on what we see or hear or read.

We as writers can be inspired by anything in the world around us. It's exciting. Almost as if seeing the world through a child's eyes. The perspective that makes you look at something twice.

Thank you writing for giving me the ability to see the world clearly, and when that gets to be too much, thank you for the ability to create my own world that I may escape to.

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