It's a secret....

I have been writing my novel for a while now and throughout the process one thing I decided for certain was that nobody was aloud to know about it. Call me crazy, but if it ended up an epic failure I didn't want to announce that to my friends and family.

Now that my first book is finished, I have continued to keep that secret for fear that nobody will want to publish it (I know shameless doubt). One day I hope to say "Hey guys guess what? I just published my first novel..." There's no disappointment in that!

I have no degree, and besides English 101, my classes in writing are non-existent. The past couple weeks I have connected with other writers on Google+. This is the first time, I was able to actually discuss something I have come to love in secret. I have felt so at home to finally be able to discuss this secret life I've been living with people who truly know what it's like. It seems that I learn something new everyday from all of these people that I don't even know. So thank you to all of you!


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P.S. I start my first writing class Monday!

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