Brutal honesty...

One thing that I have come to dislike about the writers community in general is the brutal honesty. Now I'm not talking about the constructive criticism that we as authors all need and truly want. It's the honesty and brutality of when someone vengefully gives a bad review or bad-mouths a book simply because they wanted to or they had a bad day.

For example, I recently finished reading a book that I found very interesting and to be a page turner. It was the second in a series of, I think six. Upon reading the reviews I discovered that quite a few people completely downed the book. Why? Grammar. Yes, it had quite a few grammatical errors. Yes, it could have been proof-read better. But must we give a book only one star because there were a couple mistakes in the writing?? Regardless of the grammatical errors was it a good book? YES!

Why must we only focus on the faults of other writers? Have our mothers taught us nothing? If it isn't constructive then you shouldn't say it!

Ultimately, what really matters is the story and we as writers need to remember that because the majority of our readers don't focus on the fact that you didn't put a comma here, or you put 'it's' instead of 'its' so why should we bring down a really good books' star rating over things that are minuscule.

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