What do you look for?

After my recent blog post about book reviews, it's got me wondering. What do you look for in a book review? What entices you to read a book based on the book reviews? Obviously "This book rocks!" doesn't exactly do it.
For me, I look for a number of things. I look at the star rating, where does it place? If it's 3 stars or less, chances are I won't pick it up. Why? Well, chances are it was a flop. Now, if it is only 2 stars yet only has one or two reviews, it might make me think twice.
Next I look at what the bad reviews complain about. In fact, I find that more often then not I read more of the bad reviews than the good. Why? Well, I try to find out if those bad ratings are things that I have a problem with when I read a book. Sometimes, I don't care about half of the things this nit picky person does and it turns out this 3 star book is actually a 5 star in my eyes.
Lastly, I look at a couple of good reviews, very very few, maybe 2 or 3. I try to find out what worked for people in this book. If it worked for them maybe it will have worked for me.
When I write a review about a book I have read I try to be very thorough and I try to think of what I would want to know about the book. I would love to hear what makes you want to purchase/read a book based on the reviews. Maybe your view will change the way I do my reviews!!
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