A Month of Giving Thanks #2!

A Month of Giving Thanks

! have decided to participate in A Month of Giving Thanks hosted by Because Reading and Fantasy is more fun! I think this is a great way to enter into the holiday season and to remember all of the blessings in your life.  I have been debating just exactly how I wanted to approach this subject on my blog when this challenge, if you will, fell into my lap! For me, I don't plan to post something I'm thankful for everyday, but at the end of the week I'll do a catch up for the week! 

I am thankful for the little moments. Like the times you are laying in bed and your child comes to you and its one of the moments you will probably not remember but they are the moments that make everything so worth it. Last night as I lay in bed trying to sleep my son came in (after a full hour of reading and was apparently still struggling to sleep) with a piece of paper and he hands it to me and says, "This is my Christmas list."  I could only giggle after reading it, but it was special because it was all the things that he holds valuable. Here is the list he wrote. 

Christmas List
first aid kit
note book
stiky notes (No I didn't misspell it, Sticky notes)
4 pen pack
Picture of me 
fly my kite
new books
alarm clock

Is this not the sweetest list ever?? My son is 7 and it's amazing to hear exactly what he wants. Nothing on that list is crazy expensive or electronic so you can bet your butt he's getting everything on that list!! Well, he may be a bit disppointed when the kitten isn't real...but that's okay! :) 


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