TEN things about yourself.

NINE books you want to read.
EIGHT places you want to visit.
SEVEN favorite posts from my blog.
SIX ways to win my heart.
FIVE turn offs. 
FOUR guilty pleasures.
THREE things you want to say to three. 
TWO recent pictures.
ONE confession. 

FIVE turn offs....yeah...this could be interesting....

1. Smoking! This is number one because it is my ultimate pet peeve, especially when people smoke around kids and don't care!! 

2. Negative Nellies! I am a super positive person and so listening to someone always complain and never have a good thing to say bugs me!! 

3. At the moment my dogs who are play fighting right against the chair I'm sitting in and don't mind every time their heads bonk into my laptop! haha! Hey Puppies rough housing is for outside!! :) 

4. Nosy neighbors!! I live in an amazing community, I love all my neighbors....except one nosy neighbor that complains (see above!) about everything we do! :)

5. Lastly, I have to think really hard. Guess I would have to say messes/slobs! Lol kids are the biggest slobs I've ever met maybe next to the hubby! haha! 

It is a lot hard then you would think to sit down and come up with my pet peeves! I know I have lots, but when I sit down to think of them I come up blank!! What are yours? 


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