Writing as a stay at home mom has its challenges there is no way around it. Expecting it to be easy would be a fools move. As with everything you do as a parent, there are always interruptions, unexpected bumps in the road, and spilled milk, well lets be honest, not just milk, spilled everything! But just how do you get anything done? 

*Spilled water*

Well, it's simple. One. Word. At. A. Time. If I set myself up with a goal of 1000 words per day, I would surely fail. Why? Because my kids have their goals for the day. They have their needs for the day. They have the lessons they look to me to learn. That is my job. My #1 priority. A job I am proud and honored to hold.

One day, that goal of 1000 words per day will seem small and insignificant.


But for now, I write when I can, nap-time, during extra-curricular activities, scribbled in notebooks that are kept...everywhere. And maybe one day when someone asks me what I do my response will not be stay-at home mom, but instead be replaced with author. 


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