The 10 day blogging Challenge

Recently I came across a blog that had taken up a 10 day challenge. I found this to be a very interesting way for you to get to know me a little better. So here is the challenge. 

TEN things about yourself.

NINE books you want to read.
EIGHT places you want to visit.
SEVEN favorite posts from my blog.
SIX ways to win my heart.
FIVE turn offs. 
FOUR guilty pleasures.
THREE things you want to say to three. 
TWO recent pictures.
ONE confession. 

So here goes my shot at this challenge. 

1. I have a childish desire to eat desserts and I have no will power to stop myself! 

2. I hate the winter. Something about the bone chilling painful cold weather is not appealing to me. 

3. My love of photography is deep. So deep that if I have kept every picture that I have ever taken, even the throw-aways. That random picture of the ground, a finger over the lens, and the blurry ones too, I've kept them all. 

4. My favorite time of the year is Christmas time. I anticipate it anxiously as if I were a young child. There is just something magical about the holidays that puts a spring in my step. 

5. My favorite thing to do is shop. No surprise there. 

6. I have two siblings, a brother and a sister. I am the oldest.

7. One of my favorite places to be is Disneyland. Love it!

8. I am a junkie for books series that turn into movies. And my anticipation for Mocking Jay is probably a bit ridiculous. 

9. I love school. I have changed majors many times and only achieved one Certificate. Not because I didn't want to finish but because another topic suddenly interested me more. 

10. I am a bargain hunter! Coupons, sales, clearance. I'm always hunting for my next great deal! Target is my favorite clearance place! 

Well, there is my first day! Guess I'll see you again tomorrow. 


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