TEN things about yourself.

NINE books you want to read.
EIGHT places you want to visit.
SEVEN favorite posts from my blog.
SIX ways to win my heart.
FIVE turn offs. 
FOUR guilty pleasures.
THREE things you want to say to three. 
TWO recent pictures.
ONE confession. 

Day Seven.

1. Fessing up. This post was very personal for me and if you have read it you will see why. I think this post will always be special to me.

2. Are you Ready? This post is the day that I released my book into the world. I was so excited that I even forgot to include a photo of the book!

3. Brutal Honesty. I like this post because it's something I feel very passionate about. I was raised with the phrase "If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all." And while niceties and critique can go hand in hand, they often don't.

4. Book Review: Allegiant. My first official book review!

5. Mommy? My kids are very special to me and having them along for the ride in my journey means the world to me, this post shows only a glimpse of that.

6. It's a secret....This post just makes me think back to how scared I was that I would never complete my novel. It's such a huge accomplishment.

7. New years New goals. I like to see my frame of mind almost a year ago now. We're coming up on that time of year again where we set goals for ourselves for the year. I am happy with what this year brought and am excited to see what next year will bring.

Those are my seven! Let me ask you, What were your favorite posts from me? 


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