When young kids play soccer all they can think about is scoring that precious goal, or having control of the ball. They obsess over it even. Trying to make them see that teamwork is how they get there is a lot more difficult to teach. They may think "If these other kids would just get out of my way I could get there." It takes time and dedication to train their minds otherwise. Losing control of the ball to a teammate is sometimes the end of the world to their little psyches. 

Eventually, with practice and patience they learn and that precious goal is sweeter because they did it together. 

This concept could also be said about adults could it not? 

Relinquishing our hard work to others to rip apart and critique is sometimes as hard for us as it is for a child to relinquish the ball. So in that situation what would you tell your child? 

And that precious goal, could it not be the same as rushing to publish out of sheer excitement? 

Sometimes it's hard to see things the way they should be seen. Yet it is often easy to see in others especially a child. But when it is all laid out in front of you, a light bulb goes off. 

So my advice? 

Take the guards down. Trust. Prepare. Practice. And don't bite the person's head off when they hand you a critique of your work. Take it to heart. 

Trust me, I'm guilty of this as well. I think we all are just a little bit. 


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