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Friday Fun!

Today is my alone day! What does that mean?? I get to sit and write all day! Well except for my little helpers....
This is Ella! 
She thinks I need her help! 

Discussion Day Monday

Discussion Day MondayThe search is on! I am on the hunt for other self published authors in my area! And so far have come up empty handed so to speak. 

Book Review- Miss Mabel's...and Antebellum Awakening

Book Review- Miss Mabel's School for Girls and Antebellum Awakening by Katie Cross. 
I came across Katie Cross online through Google +. She's super sweet and extremely helpful. When she announced that she put both books on sale I jumped at the chance to purchase them. It was a great purchase let me tell you! 
I decided to review these together since they go together! I cant wait for more from Katie! 
Miss Mabel's School for Girls-  I wasn't sure quite what to expect when I started reading. There was a lot of secret and things you wanted to know, but many were not revealed until later. It has so much description, you can picture the scene in front of you, though at times it did take away from the suspense. 
All in all I enjoyed reading it and I gave in 4 out of 5 stars! 
Antebellum Awakening-  Now this is where this series really took off! I LOVED this book! The suspense and action was amazing. It has just the right amount of description that did not disappoint. So many twists…

Inspiration Tuesday!

I don't read bible verses too often, though a few that I have read have stuck with me. This verse is my absolute favorite and one I dedicate to my kids. 
I hope that they can look back at growing up and think that is the love that they felt from me. 

Discussion day Monday!

Discussion Day Monday!
A recent review for Obscured got me thinking. It said "...I don't know any 16 year olds just starting high school..." There was more to it but the rest isn't important what I want to talk about.

Inspiration Tuesday!

Inspiration Tuesday
I love quotes! I do. There are some really good ones that make you really think. Here is today's that I felt pulled to. 

Not your average New years post.

Now that all of the New years posts have settled down, I have decided to go ahead and post something special a little late.