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Starting over...

It's been almost two weeks since we said goodbye to one of my best friends..Chopper. Since then I have been down with a nasty cold. Yeah... yuck. It's going around and I caught it. Anyway... On Sunday we began a new adventure. An adventure filled with squeak toys and floor cleaner! haha!

Meet Bexley!
Bexley is an 11 1/2 week old Great Dane!
Love her!

A goodbye to my Shadow.

I wasn't ready to say goodbye. I could never be ready. Nothing could have ever prepared me for the void I now feel. My shadow.

I hate that I had to decide it was time, though I know if I hadn't you would not have made it through the night. You were suffering so, my Shadow. 

I held your head and you looked up at me with those eyes that pleaded for something, anything, to make your pain go away. I wish I would have known what was wrong before, I wouldn't have left your side as you never left mine. 

Chopper and Harlie were my first babies. 

A year ago and a half ago I lost my Harlie, (white).. She was almost 9 years old. I didn't think I would hurt so badly. And then this weekend, my other best friend (he was 9 1/2). Chopper (brindle) was my shadow, my constant protector. My heart is broken.

I took his endless, unconditional love for granted. Not on purpose of course, But often I could only see the inconveniences, his inability to get along with certain dogs, his drool, his un…