What do you find the time??

It's the question I get asked the most. I feel like I have answered this over and over. (No I don't mind, because I myself sometimes wonder how I do it!)  

I think many are stumped by the prospect of writing, editing, and publishing a novel, all the while managing a household filled with three very busy (and messy might I add) kids. I certainly don't blame them, it isn't easy. But honestly, it isn't much different than being a work at home parent and I know there are many of those out there. 

Some may see the kids as a distraction, (and they would be right) but they are also my motivation. They motivate me to become bigger than this stay at home mom thing, while still being their for them every step of the way as they grow into the awesome little people they are meant to be. I hope that my struggles and trials through the process will one day be inspiring to them to go for things that they may think they can't do. I can already see small glimpses of pride in their eyes when they talk about my books, and that little glimmer in there pushes me to keep going when the dishes are piling up and I still have to finish editing this chapter!

By writing this I hope to inspire another stay at home mom or stay at home dad to push through and do it, even if it's not for their kids, but just for themselves. Something to give themselves purpose again. We sometimes get lost in all things kids and forget who we are, it's important to step out of that and break free of that, and yes it can be done while still being that amazingly awesome parent you are! 

And just to break it down for you, we don't live a quiet at home life, we are busy! 
Each week our normal activities include: 

  • 4 hours of dance x 1 kid
  • 1 hour of Karate x 2 kids
  • TNT  1 hr 45 min x 1 kid
  • Cubbies 1 hr 45 min x 1 kid
  • Sparkies 1 hr 45 min x 1 (you'd think these were at the same time but only two are)
That equals 10 hours and 15 minutes.... Not counting school. So you don't have to be a monk to make writing happen. 

Good luck and happy writing! 


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