SO that explains it...

The other day I happened to be on Facebook perusing posts when I found this post (seriously read it! I bet a few of your friends are like this..maybe you are too!)  a friend had shared. And I couldn't help but think, Has someone been watching me?? *eyes dart around* 

This. Is. Me. 

My name is C.M. Boers and I am an Introvert. 

Hi C.M. 

No, it's really not that big of a deal, but it certainly explains a few things. Here's a few...

-In any fight or argument, I write letters to whoever I'm fighting with. It's my way of telling my side or even apologizing, no I'm not too big to apologize face to face, it just comes out so much better when I write it. 

-Sometimes when it comes to my weekly activities I think, "Can I just stay home?" :)

-Whenever it's time to throw a party, my husband cringes... Yes he does. I go into full on crazy planning mode and I don't settle down till it's done, then I can breath again. And of course I always say "I think that went well." I know he must shoot daggers with his eyes when I say that, but I choose not to look ;) (Really I'm not that hard to live with haha) 

Do you empathize? Which ones are completely fitting for you? Which ones aren't?


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