This morning I happened to be perusing the land of Facebook, when I came upon a post that was from another author. This author was messaged by a reader, basically stating that she loved her books, but after reading them she had to then return them because she could not afford 0.99-2.99 for books.

I wasn't going to post about it, but then it got worse. The author then blocked the reader because she felt so offended, this person then made a new account and messaged her again. Yelling at her for hurting her feeling, saying that in the past this message has reached other authors who have then turned around and made her a beta reader, etc.. She got pretty nasty towards the author, and even went on to say that "we (readers) shouldn't have to pay for stories that are in your head."

I was simple flabbergasted by the audacity of these statements, and I hope to never experience them for myself. And I hope that this author takes her statements with a grain of salt and moves on and continues her writing journey.

The time that an author devotes to a book, pours over the right word choice and such for every sentence of a hundred and some odd page book, is countless. Without mention of the money for editing and production, time marketing, etc.. that has been put into making that book/series what it is today. Cannot be put lightly.

Authors wouldn't be able to continue to do what they do without the support of our readers. 100% you readers are what makes us authors continue, but when one person takes a stand of this nature it's very heartbreaking, not just for the author involved but all authors.

So I hope by writing this you decide to not only to continue to support authors like myself, but to make sure that if a book has touched you, tell your friends, tell the author because you just might make their day.


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