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Each year I like to take a little time to set some goals for myself. Usually these are things that I will have no trouble doing while also adding in a few that maybe a bit harder.

This year my goals are:

1. Finish and publish Book four. 

I'm really looking forward to getting this done. This will more than likely be the last book in the Obscured series!! (Unless of course the characters decide they aren't done telling their story! We all know how tricky they can be!)

2. Plan out my next TWO books! 

This goal will be a bit harder. I have lots of idea swirling around in my brain and getting the whole concept out and ready for writing is sometimes difficult. And yet, this is something I'm really excited about, meeting new characters, learning all about them, etc... So while this may be hard it will still be fun!

3. Balance. Balance. BALANCE 

This. Is. Life. Balance is probably the most important one of my goals. My goal is to make a schedule. Yes a schedule. In a planner and ever…


Throughout the year there are moments where you look around yourself in awe of the amazing people you have around you, kids, family, friends, and of course pets. 😉 But then there are the others in your life that you sometimes can take for granted.

Who could I be talking about? I listed everyone right?


If you know my writing journey, you know that my family didn't even know I had begun this writing journey some 9 years ago. I kept it hidden. Hidden because of fear that I wouldn't succeed, fear that what I was writing wasn't good enough. And even though I've now published three books, I still have those fears, but that's not the point. When I finally took the plunge 2 and a half years ago and published Obscured, I didn't know where that would lead me. I didn't know anyone in my industry, but as I said I was hiding.

All that time that I spend crippled by fear, not allowing myself to dive in and go for it left me with a very little, sort of non-existent …


Hey guys! That giveaway was so fun, I loved hearing from you guys a bit!
Thank you for making it so much fun!

Here are the WINNERS! 
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Congrats! The gift cards have already been emailed directly to you!! Enjoy!

And don't forget, Obscured is still on sale at all retailers for 0.99 until Christmas Eve!!
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Holiday weekends are always jam packed with 'things'. On Saturday, we went to our annual Cookie party. Have you ever been to one? You know you bake 3 dozen cookies and make sure you bring the recipe, and then you get to vote for your favorite one! Oh, and don't forget getting to take home a box filled with all the cookies you sampled at the party! Win-win! 
This year I picked a recipe off Pinterest for S'mores cookies! And we tied for first place! They were so good I figured I would share the recipe with you guys since we did deviate from the original just a bit! 

3/4 c. butter, softened1/2 c. white sugar1/2 c. packed brown sugar1 egg1 t. vanilla extract1 1/4 c. all-purpose flour1 c. graham cracker crumbs1/4 t. salt1/2 t. baking soda3/4 c. milk chocolate chips2 Hershey bars, broken into bits1 c. mini marshmallows With a mixer, mix together butter sugars; add egg and vanilla. Then mix in flour, graham cracker crumbs, salt, and baking soda until smooth. Stir in chocolate…

Happy Holidays!!! *Giveaway*

The best thing about the holiday season is giving!! And it's my turn to give back to you, my readers!! I would love to buy your next book, so I'm giving away TWO $5 Amazon gift cards. 
As a bonus, if there are more than 300 entries, I will throw in another one!! Share, share, share!! 
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Whoa! Information overload! :) I can't wait until the winners are drawn! Good luck!!

Runner up!

Obscured earned runner up in the  2016 Shelf Media Group's Best Self-Published book competition!  Check it out! 

It's pretty isn't it? 
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Happy December!! It's December 1st!!  Who's as excited as me?? I love all things Christmas, including snow, which is pretty typical since where I live we don't have ever. So when we can take a trip to see the snow I get little kid excited. 
This year were going up north to cut our own Christmas tree! This is the first time we've had a real tree in years!! But of course that's not the only reason I'm excited, we've been waiting just to make sure there is snow on the ground when we go. I have to get that white Christmas vibe somewhere! 😉
I can't wait! What are your special plans this holiday season?? 
C. M.