Each year I like to take a little time to set some goals for myself. Usually these are things that I will have no trouble doing while also adding in a few that maybe a bit harder.

This year my goals are:

1. Finish and publish Book four. 

I'm really looking forward to getting this done. This will more than likely be the last book in the Obscured series!! (Unless of course the characters decide they aren't done telling their story! We all know how tricky they can be!)

2. Plan out my next TWO books! 

This goal will be a bit harder. I have lots of idea swirling around in my brain and getting the whole concept out and ready for writing is sometimes difficult. And yet, this is something I'm really excited about, meeting new characters, learning all about them, etc... So while this may be hard it will still be fun!

3. Balance. Balance. BALANCE 

This. Is. Life. Balance is probably the most important one of my goals. My goal is to make a schedule. Yes a schedule. In a planner and everything. (if you know of a great planner, drop in in the comments. I'd love some suggestions!!) For not just my writing, but also juggling the rest of the chaos that fills my time, between dance classes, dance competitions, swim classes, karate, helping run our other business, etc... My time is split in 100 different directions and I would love to get to the point where I can get more than one book out a year. Wouldn't that be an amazing thing?

So those are mine. Maybe yours are similar? Tell me yours! Tag me in the post or drop them in the comments below!!



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