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New Territory

A few weeks ago I decided that my love of writing should take a step deeper and I enrolled in my very first writing class. That class started today. I am very excited to get a deeper look into the writing process.

The class itself is taught by a published best selling author of social realism. I am fascinated by other fellow writers that have actually been published. I want to study them and drill them about their process and learn everything I can about how they landed their agent. I find myself already holding back my thousands of questions I have for this person I have just met.

I am excited to see what the future holds in this class. I think it will be good for me and I hope to learn a lot.

If you are interested in who the teacher is, please feel free to send me a message and I'll tell you.

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It's a secret....

I have been writing my novel for a while now and throughout the process one thing I decided for certain was that nobody was aloud to know about it. Call me crazy, but if it ended up an epic failure I didn't want to announce that to my friends and family.

Now that my first book is finished, I have continued to keep that secret for fear that nobody will want to publish it (I know shameless doubt). One day I hope to say "Hey guys guess what? I just published my first novel..." There's no disappointment in that!

I have no degree, and besides English 101, my classes in writing are non-existent. The past couple weeks I have connected with other writers on Google+. This is the first time, I was able to actually discuss something I have come to love in secret. I have felt so at home to finally be able to discuss this secret life I've been living with people who truly know what it's like. It seems that I learn something new everyday from all of these people that I don…


I sit here strumming my fingers on the keyboard, staring at the screen full of words. The editing process, it's tedious and time consuming. It can be frustrating, and enlightening all at the same time. I find it amazing that you can go through your work countless times and yet still find mistakes throughout. Each time you find a new or better way to say phrases throughout. And lets not count the details you decided were absolutely necessary that were not there before. These changes are not because the writing has changed, but because you as a writer have changed. Always evolving based on what we see or hear or read.

We as writers can be inspired by anything in the world around us. It's exciting. Almost as if seeing the world through a child's eyes. The perspective that makes you look at something twice.

Thank you writing for giving me the ability to see the world clearly, and when that gets to be too much, thank you for the ability to create my own world that I may escape …


I found this website a few days ago and I think it's pretty cool. If you sign up, it will send you a daily email listing free eBooks for the day. Also, others that are available for purchase. It gives you the availability to see books out there that you may not have known existed. I think it's a great tool for avid readers and writers alike!

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Agent or no agent? That is the question...

These days it is super easy to self-publish eBooks to market and sell on you're own, however it is always debatable what the right path is for you. It was certainly a question  that my mind boggled over for quite some time throughout my writing process.

After scouring the internet for information on both self-publishing and agents, I was lucky enough to find this book:

"How to Land (and keep) a Literary Agent by Noah Lukeman.

It's offered for free right now on I found it immensely helpful in determining the right path for me.

This book was helpful because it showed me the ins and the outs of what to expect from an agent, and what to expect without one. It was well written in a way that was entertaining and kept my interest.

If you are on the fence about what you should do, this could help.

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Recommended Reads...

As much as I love to write, I love to read. The two go hand in hand I suppose. There isn't often a time that I am without a book in hand. I am always looking for a good read, so when I find that book that really grabs me I'm always the first to be recommending them to my friends.  Here are a few of my recent favorite that I would absolutely recommend picking up.

The Doorknob Society series by M.J. Fletcher. This series had me completely captivated from start to finish. In my opinion this one should be made into a movie. It boasts the right amount of action and love story to entertain both men and women. Lonely Souls series by Karice Bolton.These three books were amazing. I completely felt like I was in the story. Fallen by Lauren KateThis series consists of 4 books and a novella. This one is actually being made into a movie and the first comes out in 2014. I for one can't wait until  it comes out!These are obviously only a few of the ones I have read recently, but they wer…