TEN things about yourself.

NINE books you want to read.
EIGHT places you want to visit.
SEVEN favorite posts from my blog.
SIX ways to win my heart.
FIVE turn offs. 
FOUR guilty pleasures.
THREE things you want to say to three. 
TWO recent pictures.
ONE confession. 

Day Six.
Today is six ways to win my heart. Hm.. this one is going to really make me think!

1. Communication is key! I love to talk. Doesn't matter what it's about and if it's about a book...well that's an awesome conversation!

2. I love when special things are done for me. Like the other day, I came home from a ladies dinner and the dishes were done. Then the hubby arrives with a bag full (two tubs) of Ben and Jerry's Phish food ice cream I have been wanting! It melts my heart!

3. Special notes. I love finding little notes that say sweet nothings on them.

4. Dates. I love to go out. Especially to dinner and a movie. Even better when that movie is Mocking Jay!! (Is anyone as excited as me?)

5. Go shopping with me...Yea...I am kind of addicted to shopping...

6. The last thing I think may make me a little vain, I like compliments. I think everyone has that need for compliments so I guess I'm not alone in that vanity.

Just a little bit about what makes me tick! Do any of mine match yours?


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