New year goals

Each year I set goals for myself rather than make resolutions. I feel like this is more productive and positive and when I look back I can check off what I actually accomplished and what I need to add to my next years goals! So you can see last year's here.

Now, I think I managed to accomplish both goals! So I say last year was a success!

This year my goals are:

1. Finish and publish book three.
It's coming along very nicely, I just have to put on the finishing touches and it's off to the editor. Unfortunately, it takes me a bit longer to finish with my three little helpers ;) So I'm not sure when that will be.

2. Finish another book.
Yep, that's my goal. I have a couple started and one that I think I will run with and it isn't part of the Obscured series!! Do I have you excited? ;) Or maybe I will go ahead with another book in the Obscured series...only time will tell. Can't wait to see where I go with this goal! Can you?

3. I would love to find more time to read. And be read to! Yep, my middle just started reading! I can't wait to unlock new worlds with her as she embarks on this new found talent! :)

4. Of course you can't have goals without wanting to spend more time with family.

5. I want to improve my online presence. Of course that will take some help from you ;)

Here's to the new year!!


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