The good, the bad and the ugly...

Now that the new year has begun, I have decided to reflect on 2015. There was a lot of ups and down as there are in anyone's lives, but there were a few things that were really good and a few that were really heartbreaking.

Let's start with the bad...because let's face it, the bad is easier once it's over with.

In 2015, I lost my 9 year old buddy Chopper...
It's still breaking my heart to look at his picture, it gets easier knowing he isn't in pain anymore. But I still miss him every day.

Of course there were countless trips to Urgent Care, as there typically is with kids (Have I mentioned I have two boys?), between ear infections and injuries this one stands out.... When my youngest knocked a cast iron skillet down (wasn't hot) onto his toe...It was terrible, but thankfully nothing was broken. And his nail is almost completely grown back now.

My daughter had her first on stage mess up, where she didn't land her back walkover and instead fell over, she was heartbroken and it took some time for her to get over it. She took it a lot harder than I would have expected and of course I cringed for her, and of course we took her out to dinner to celebrate her show in general. After a lot of reassurance she is finally able to giggle a little about it.

Sickness,...sickness....sickness...this year was a sick one for me. I was sick much of this year, (nothing serious, just colds and the like.)

I am sure I am missing many bad moments but obviously as time goes on the good outweigh the bad and you begin to forget. :)

Now for the good...

We added a new family member:
Bexley is a Great Dane, she's now 4 months old and she is actually reaching the middle of a king sized bed in the photo. :) 

My princess was given a solo and will begin competing this month! 

I published Divulge! 

My husband and I celebrated out 10th wedding anniversary. Yep...10 years!! Amazing how time flies. 

I got a new (to me) car! I guess you could call it my Christmas present. I love it!

There were so many more, but I'll stop there for fear of boring you all! haha! ;) 

Anyway, what were your highlights? Love to hear them! 


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