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Sleep...What's that? This past couple weeks has been pretty crazy in my neck of the woods. After three urgent care trips, and multiple sicknesses, I am exhausted and ready for a vacation!! Of course mom's don't get vacations. ;)

But, all craziness aside I have something exciting planned for today! Today is a pretty exciting day in our house. It is my princess's Birthday!!

In honor of her birthday, I am gifting my readers a FREE e-copy of Obscured!! So if you haven't gotten yours yet, RUN to Amazon and get it!! Don't forget to come back a review it on Goodreads and Amazon!

If you haven't already, add me on Goodreads! I'd love to check out what you're reading!

Happy Birthday Princess!!


What do you find the time??

It's the question I get asked the most. I feel like I have answered this over and over. (No I don't mind, because I myself sometimes wonder how I do it!)  

I think many are stumped by the prospect of writing, editing, and publishing a novel, all the while managing a household filled with three very busy (and messy might I add) kids. I certainly don't blame them, it isn't easy. But honestly, it isn't much different than being a work at home parent and I know there are many of those out there. 

Some may see the kids as a distraction, (and they would be right) but they are also my motivation. They motivate me to become bigger than this stay at home mom thing, while still being their for them every step of the way as they grow into the awesome little people they are meant to be. I hope that my struggles and trials through the process will one day be inspiring to them to go for things that they may think they can't do. I can already see small glimpses of pride in thei…

SO that explains it...

The other day I happened to be on Facebook perusing posts when I found this post (seriously read it! I bet a few of your friends are like this..maybe you are too!)  a friend had shared. And I couldn't help but think, Has someone been watching me?? *eyes dart around* 

This. Is. Me. 

My name is C.M. Boers and I am an Introvert. 

Hi C.M. 

No, it's really not that big of a deal, but it certainly explains a few things. Here's a few...

-In any fight or argument, I write letters to whoever I'm fighting with. It's my way of telling my side or even apologizing, no I'm not too big to apologize face to face, it just comes out so much better when I write it. 

-Sometimes when it comes to my weekly activities I think, "Can I just stay home?" :)

-Whenever it's time to throw a party, my husband cringes... Yes he does. I go into full on crazy planning mode and I don't settle down till it's done, then I can breath again. And of course I always say "I think th…

The good, the bad and the ugly...

Now that the new year has begun, I have decided to reflect on 2015. There was a lot of ups and down as there are in anyone's lives, but there were a few things that were really good and a few that were really heartbreaking.

Let's start with the bad...because let's face it, the bad is easier once it's over with.

In 2015, I lost my 9 year old buddy Chopper...
It's still breaking my heart to look at his picture, it gets easier knowing he isn't in pain anymore. But I still miss him every day.

Of course there were countless trips to Urgent Care, as there typically is with kids (Have I mentioned I have two boys?), between ear infections and injuries this one stands out.... When my youngest knocked a cast iron skillet down (wasn't hot) onto his toe...It was terrible, but thankfully nothing was broken. And his nail is almost completely grown back now.

My daughter had her first on stage mess up, where she didn't land her back walkover and instead fell over, she …